Monday, October 12, 2009

Why did Mrs. Mukherjee commit suicide

Mr. Manoj Mukherjee, 32, died of cardiac arrest on last Monday in his residence at Baghbazaar Street. The cause of the death was confirmed by the police officials, but the doctors were very surprised due to the expression of utmost terror on late Mr. Mukherjee's face. Two days after this mishap, Mrs. Manoneeta Mukherjee, 27, were found unconscious in the same room with a large amount of sedative in her stomach. Authority is suspecting a suicide attempt, but the probable causes apart from her husband's death are yet to be found out. The neighbours, alerted by the maid in the morning, called the police. Police shifted Mrs. Mukherjee to hospital. They are waiting to interrogate her when the doctors permit.
Manoneeta switched off the television and glanced at the wall clock. Only fifteen minutes before, the clock announced midnight when Aragorn, the king of Gondor, was crowned by Gandalf. This was the third time Manoneeta watched the concluding venture of the Lord of the Rings, and yet again she felt the same awe that she felt the first time. The first time was the sweetest memory of Manoneeta's life..Manoj took her to the movie, and proposed her during the interval. The memory of the second half was blurry..except Manoj's eyes.

Manoneeta yawned. It was half past midnight. She thought she would sleep, or she would be late to school tomorrow. Manoj was already in bed, following his health schedule - bed at 11:00 p.m. sharp and rise at 6:00 a.m. He used to be a late riser..Manoneeta remembered the countless late night movies they enjoyed together. During their undergrad days, Manoj was a movie freak. Manoneeta watched hundreds of great movies according to his advice, and never regretted. Arts graduate Manoj dreamed to be a film-maker, but ended up being a bank employee.

But Manoj had this very great problem - he was Phasmophobic. He could not stand horror movies or ghost stories. If somebody mentioned the word 'ghost', Manoj was scared to death. On the contrary, Manoneeta enjoyed horror movies very much. At first, she tried to make Manoj watch scary movies, but the effects were sleepless nights and hysteric agitations on Manoj's side. Slowly Manoneeta realized that Manoj's fright was to the point of abnormality, and she convinced him to consult a psychiatrist for counselling last year. As of now, the treatment had not improved him much. 'It will take time', the psychiatrist said, 'so you must be patient with him, Mrs. Mukherjee'.

Apart from his nervous disorder, he had to take medicine regularly to keep control over his high blood pressure that he inherited as an heir of the Mukherjee family. He lost his parents in his childhood, grew up at his uncle's, and was established practically all by himself. But he was very careless about himself..he only wore an ironed trouser on the day of interview for his job, and that too was due to Manoneeta's constant insistence. Manoneeta, from the day they got married, took every responsibility of Manoj. She was the perfect wife, and she loved to be one.

Manoj's health became Manoneeta's obsession. She put Manoj to a very strict routine. She made him take medicine regularly, controlled his diet as their family physician prescribed and made him stop working late at night. She abandoned watching horror movies and gave away all the story books that indexed even a single ghost story. Once a relative tried to frighten Manoj by gifting him a DVD of Bram Stoker's Dracula, and Manoneeta stopped talking to their family.

Manoneeta got up from the drawing-room couch, picked up a white bed-sheet from the divan and wore it. Winter was announcing her approach at the early December nights. She freshened up, turned off the drawing room light and entered their bedroom. Manoj was fast asleep, snoring slightly with his mouth wide open. Manoneeta lifted the mosquito-net and was just about to enter her side of the bed when she noticed 'The Little Prince', half opened, lying on Manoj's chest. Manoneeta reached to get the book..

All of a sudden, Manoj let out a scream. Manoneeta turned to him and saw his grayish, disoriented face..his eyes, bulging out of fear, were fixed upon Manoneeta. He clutched his chest, his face frowning with pain, and gasped as if his throat was chocked. His body crumpled and rolled over to the other side of the bed, shaking madly for seconds, and then he fell from the bed..motionless.


  1. what a story...........magnificent is an understatement....loved it....every bit of it....wonderful wonderful amit....

  2. mystery revealed,still veiled...a loud WOW from me too....

  3. got chills down my spine...........mystery........yep, it is!!!!