Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Almost Doomed

I was so convinced that they have wrongly predicted the 2012 doomsday.. Hey Chuck, you know what? You made an arithmetic error! It's 11th July, not 21st December. But alas! It rained cats and dogs for almost two hours at a stretch, and yet here I am, cuddled in my bed with my laptop and twaddling about how we missed doomsday by a whisker!

The worst place to be in during a heavy rain is Howrah station, and that too in a clean pajama and punjabi. Oh, how I wish I had not worn (wrong grammar?) them today. A mud-stain on my freshly laundered pajama is all that Ma needs to ground me!

Ankle-deep water in the station platform, knee-deep water in the subway, long-faced booksellers with drenched books and periodicals.. The only gainers were the food corner guys with a concrete roof above their head and a couple of hundred people trapped under it. I myself had two lassis and a sweet lime soda.

It is illegal to shoot inside the station complex; don't you see those visibly invisible signboards all over the place that the modern day smart phone holders smartly ignore? Thanks to my good old Canon powershot for patiently waiting in my bag all the time. I was trying to get a better angle as well as not getting my gear wet when an elderly looking Police-uncle tapped on my shoulder, "Are you taking pictures?"
Yours truly (turning green in fear): "Yes..umm.."
Police-uncle (smiling): "Continue. It has been raining quite spectacularly!"

Spectacular..that's the word I was looking for!