Tuesday, November 3, 2009


amitsweb : Dunno what I am going to do ..
sayan1984 : What if they ask questions from LOTR*? Neither of us know the syllabus..There is no evidence that LOTR is not included..
amitsweb : Let's guess what could come..umm..what was the configuration of the ring ?
sayan1984 : The ring was in a very stable state; no amount of annealing by fire would change its configuration. Hence it was in the lowest possible Gibb's energy configuration.
amitsweb : Draw the trajectory of the ring under the influence of all the characters of the book and show how the world line of the characters behave when the ring is in their vicinity. How do you think the theory of relativity would be changed if such a ring really exists?
sayan1984 : Such a ring affects characters at a distance; hence in a classical form the ring's effect would violate the laws of relativity. We would have to invent a new interaction particle. I name it Ringon, or Ringons in plural. It is a massless chargeless boson travelling at the speed of light and carrying the information about the ring to the different characters. Happy?
amitsweb : Well..
sayan1984 : The resulting theory will be called Quantum Ringo Dynamics, or QRD in short, which will be consistent with both the standard model and relativity. How is that ?
amitsweb : How do you explain the conservation of energy when the Ringons hit the characters ?
sayan1984 : Ringo Electric Effect. And Ringons carry an energy $h \nu$
amitsweb : And a suitable form of the Ringon wave function ?
sayan1984 : $e^{i(k r-\omega t)}$.

*Lord of the Ring
Note : Today I found out this piece of conversation (took place between me and my friend Sayan at 1:44 a.m. on 15th February, 2006, a couple of days before JEST 2006) from the enormous chat history of my oldest Google account. A few minor changes (translational only) have been made for the sake of clarity. Sayan topped JEST 2006.